Bed Wedges

Crown Medical Products manufactures foam bed wedges, ortho leg elevaor wedges, knee wedges and body aligners. Constructed of foam these wedges are designed to provide support and reduce back, neck and knee strain. Crown’s body aligners also helps to prevent patients from rolling out of bed. Wedges are available in many sizes in stock. Custom sizes available.

Bed Wedge

Our versatile bed wedge can be used as a back support wedge or a leg elevator wedge. The bed wedge reduces neck and back strain while increasing circulation. Great for reading or watching television. It is constructed with a high density polyurethane foam core, and is covered with a poly/cotton cover. Can be manufactured with
our ChemSafe® vinyl cover for use where respiratory conditions exist.


Please Specify Cover: Poly/Cotton • Chemsafe Vinyl


Ortho Leg Elevator Wedge

When legs are elevated, this wedge flattens the spine to help relax and ease back pain. Increased circulation and reduced pressure on discs are an excellent therapy for low back pain. It is constructed using a high density polyurethane foam, and is covered with a poly/cotton cover.

Knee Elevator Wedge

This wedge reduces stress on the spine, by taking pressure off the legs and back. The inner core is a high density polyurethane foam and is covered in a white poly/cotton

Body Aligner Wedge

Provides firm body support that prevents patients from rolling out of bed. It helps to maintain a patient’s position while reducing pressure in sensitive areas. Excellent aid for patients who lay on their sides. Cover available in a white poly/cotton, medical grade vinyl or without a cover.