For the ultimate in cervical support, Crown Medical manufacturers a complete line of Cervical Support Pillows: Contoured Pillows, Butterfly Type Pillows, Recessed Anti Stress Pillows, CPAP Pillows, Jackson Type Cervical Rolls, Convoluted Cervical Rolls and more. All pillows are covered in a white poly cotton cover.



foam contour pillow

Contoured Foam Pillow

The contoured foam pillow is designed with two slightly different foam rolls to allow different levels of support. Air circulates through pillow while redistributing any pressure points. The urethane core is hypo-allergenic and covered with a soft, solid white, poly/cotton blend cover.
Contoured Cervical Pillow
23”w x 14 ”h
Viscotec® Cervical Pillow
23”w x 14 ”h


butterfly neck support pillow

“Butterfly” Type Pillow

Specifically designed for those who sleep on their side or back. This pillow reduces strain on the neck associated from
hyper-extension while sleeping. The pillow is filled with a hypo-allergenic, high-lofted, polyester fiber and covered with a white poly/cotton cover.
Butterfly Cervical Pillow
23”w x 18”h


hypo-allergenic anti Stress Pillow

“Anti-Stress” Pillow

This incredible “Anti-Stress” pillow will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. This unique design
promotes support, by keeping the head and spine in proper alignment at all times. Proper amount of “give” in the
hypo-allergenic, high lofted fiber filling ensures support without hindering circulation.
Anti-Stress Cervical Pillow
17”w x 6 ”h


CPAP BI-PAP Pillow promotes proper neck alignment

ARC Plus® CPAP Pillow

The unique shape of this pillow promotes proper neck and spinal alignment, especially when using a CPAP or BI-PAP device. The pillow can be used to sleep comfortably on your side, back or stomach. The mask and hose can move freely with the patient due to the ARC cutout in the pillow. The pillow is filled with a hypo-allergenic, high-lofted, polyester fiber and covered in a white on white poly/cotton cover. An additional cover is included.

CPAP Pillow
20”w x 26 ”h

“Jackson” Type Cervical Pillow

This plush filled hypo-allergenic, high-lofted polyester fiber filled pillow maintains proper neck posture and aligns the vertebrae restoring a stress-free, normal neck contour. The pillow is covered with a zippered white on white print poly/cotton cover.

“Jackson” Type Cervical Replacement Cover

Hypo-allergenic zippered cover fits over existing pillow.The replacement cover is a soft poly/cotton blend in a deluxe white on white print.

Cervical Pillow
Jackson Type Cervical Pillow
17”w x 6 ”h
Jackson Type Cervical Pillow Replacement Cover
17”w x 6 ”h

Convoluted Cervical Pillow

Manufactured with a high density foam core encapsulated with pressure relieving polyurethane convoluted foam. A deluxe poly/cotton white on white zippered cover is included.

Convoluted Foam Cervical Pillow
Convoluted Cervical Roll
17”w x 6 ”h
Convoluted Cervical Roll Replaecment Cover
17”w x 6 ”h